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This system will collect basic and public data such as your IP address, type of web browser, and time of access. Anything else we collect is provided by you in your profile setup. No matter what you decide to give us it will not be displayed publically unless explicitly mentioned. We will not sell, distribute, or use your information for personal gain. All data is stored in secure servers which meet compliance. Data thereof is collected from 3rd party sources such as Bungie itself to get us those stats you are so desperately looking to find from the good days of Halo. As we state on our site, this is junk and mostly a collection of garbage. What you see is what you get. If you are offended by that, you can leave. This is a gaming community. There will be trash talk and inappropriate vulgar lanuguage. If you are looking for interesting characters this is the place. We do not tolerate hate, however. If you are butt hurt for any reason and take to our website to lash out at us or any of our community members we will, at our discretion, terminate your account and impose a permanent ban on YOU. To register or login you must verify you are not a robotic monster. This will help protect us against The Walking Dead who want to leech off our stats. You must have an account to take advantage of our stats system. In the future we will release an API so stay patient. Whoa, you read this far - or, you skipped to the end. Regardless, you're a champ. Go now and sniff through our trash, you dirty animal!

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